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1. What is Thermal Paper?

Thermal paper is a special fine paper that is coated with a chemical that changes color when exposed to heat. It is used in thermal printers and particularly in inexpensive or lightweight devices such as adding machines, cash registers, and credit card terminals. It’s for Supermarket, shopping malls, banks, hospitals, office buildings.

2.How to Measure a Thermal Paper Roll?

Thermal Paper Rolls are measured by width, outer diameter and inner diameter. Take a thermal paper roll 80mm x 65mm x 12mm as an example,  80mm is the paper width;  65mm is the roll diameter. 12mm is the inner core size.

3.How to Pack Thermal Paper Roll?

Thermal Paper has a chemical coating on its surface. When the surface encounters with POS printer’s printhead, it will change color to show text or image. This is how thermal paper works. In this case, for better storage, thermal paper should be kept away from direct sunshine, hot temperature and acid environment.

Thermal rolls are packed in shrink wrapping plastic film or silver foil. With brown cartons, the chemicals on paper surface stay stable. Please keep thermal paper roll at cool, dark place.

4.What Type of Paper Rolls do I Need?

If you don’t know what paper type you are using, you can ask POS printer manufacturer or check it on the manual of printer. However, the best method is that you can be the paper expert and figure it out what paper it is. There are 3 types of paper rolls used in POS & retail industry.

Thermal Paper Roll, Bond Paper Roll, Carbonless Paper Roll 2-3 ply

Thermal paper has a smooth shiny surface. It will turn black exposed to heat. You can slide on both sides of the surface by your fingernail, if it changes to black, it is definitely thermal paper. For few POS printers, thermal paper surface is inside of the roll. You have to mention this feature when you buy thermal paper.

If the paper has no black mark on surface when you slide on both sides with your fingernail, the paper is probably bond paper, or called wood free paper. It’s one ply bond paper. The printer requires ink/cartridge to work.

If the paper roll has 2-3 ply, it’s called carbonless paper rolls. The printer requires cartridge to print on first ply. With pressure from printer, the image or text will show on second or third layer of the paper.

5. How to Print my Logo on Thermal Receipt?

We can print your logo, ads, contact information, promotion code, slogan, QR code, return & refund policy etc. In other word, whatever you want in text or picture within limited colors. Usually, our factory limits the color of artwork within 4 or 5 colors. This will cost less and produces quickly. Cinema ticket, lotteries, bank receipts are all made by thermal paper.

The artwork can be printed on both sides of paper.  On the front side, It’ better print on left and right side, not to occupying the middle space which need to be printed with sales info by vendor. Or you can print in the middle of thermal side, but the color need to be very light color, not to affect printing. On the non-thermal side, there’s no much limit cause.

Just send us the text or artwork, we will handle the rest.