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coreless thermal paper roll

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thermal paper rolls

Thermal paper rolls are the popular receipts used in supermarket, shopping malls, hospitals, etc. It has a white, smooth surface which will change color when exposed to heat. Thermal printer and thermal paper are the best couple in the retail industry. It doesn’t need ink or ribbon when printing and it prints quickly and noiselessly. The most popular sizes are 80mm x 80mm and 57mm x 40mm. View More

custom printed paper rolls

Custom printed paper rolls are the best method for merchants and distributors to stand out in the market. In the competitive thermal paper market, custom printed paper rolls can provide colorful printing on the back or front of paper rolls. It can be printed with merchant’s logo, website, contact information, promotion info, etc with very low cost. It’s time to make it colorful. View More

atm thermal receipt paper rolls

The receipt you got from ATM(Automatic Telling Machine) is made by thermal paper. It’s fine paper with chemical surface which will turn black when exposed to heat. There are lots of ATM brands like Diebold, Wincor Nixdorf, NCR, Olivetti, OKI. They all use thermal paper as their printing media. Thermal paper rolls needs to be printed with different black sense marks on back or front side of paper to view more

bond and carbonless paper roll

Bond & Carbonless Paper Roll

Bond & Carbonless Paper Rolls are used with Dot-Matrix Printers. It requires ribbon during printing.  Popular sizes: 76x76mm, 76x70mm.

  • 1 Ply for Bond/Woodfree Paper Roll
  • 2-4 Plys for Carbonless Paper Roll

What’s Special for you?

Small Quantity to Start

We offer minimum order quantity from 100 cartons(80mm x 80mm) to ensure you can start the business easily. (Please contact to get MOQ for other sizes).

Free Design

We offer free design for any artwork to be printed on front or back of paper roll. Just send us your logo or any content you want to print on paper. We do the rest.

OEM Service

Besides custom printed artwork on paper roll, we also provide custom boxes or label on paper roll with your own brand. This will help you expand the market and increase sales.

ship to the world

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Canada, United States, Australia, Panama, Venezuela, Philipphines, Georgia, Mauritius, Pakistan, France, Zimbabwe, Mongolia, etc

Customer Testimonials

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“The paper is very good quality. I’d like to order more in the near future.”

– Anonymous Custom

“Thank you very much for your responses to my queries. You are one of the best sales personnel i have ever dealt with, it is such a pleasure doing business with you. I look forward to more of the same.”

– Anonymous Customer

Global Thermal Paper Shortage in 2018

thermal paper shortageDate: November, 2017 Background: Connect Chemicals, the world’s largest supplier of leuco dye chemical to make thermal paper, was shut down by China government due to environment reasons in September, 2017. China lanuched strict environment inspection from 2016. The government closed polluting factories, mines and processing facilities. For paper industry, they eliminated backward and excess capacity and shut down many small paper factories. Current Situation: Thermal paper supply is not adequate to the demand. Read More

Production Capacity

We have 15 production lines to produce various sizes of thermal paper rolls for different customers. With 50 experienced wokers, we are able to produce quickly with high performance.  The production capacity is around 10 containers per month.

The new 5-color printing machine help to provide colorful printing for thermal paper rolls. It costs less but acts as a powerful marketing tool.